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Blood Logic, Inc. is a nutritional supplement, education, health software and professional consulting company providing services to the general public and to health professionals. Dr. Michael Wald was nicknamed the Blood Detective by a grateful patient when he uncovered the cause of her persistent health problems when many other health care providers had failed. Dr. Wald's motto, branding and exceptional clinical skills have propelled him into the media spotlight appearing on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Fox National News, Channel 11 PIX and many other programs.


Your Questions Answered about Blood Detective Professional Edition (BDPE)

1.  Why do I need the Blood Detective Professional Edition (BDPE) software program? 

Answer: If you are a healthcare provider interested in individualizing nutritional therapies for your patients then this is the program for you!  The Blood Detective Professional Edition (BDPE) software program is the most advanced program of its kind allowing for the quick creation a patient-practitioner report complete with nutritional supplement recommendations and dosages as well as dietary information and more!  If you’re interesting in learning more about nutritional biochemistry and as it applies to your individual patient’s needs then you need BDPE.  Biochemical individuality is finally possible – today!

2.  Are there programs on the market similar to Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective Professional Edition software? 

Answer: Similar, yes.  As good?  Not even close in our opinion!  Simply compare the quality and features of Dr. Wald’s BDPE program with the other programs on the market (Apex and Dr. Merkle and Balance Software…the only three worth mentioning). First, Dr. Wald is one of the most highly qualified healthcare providers in the United States having earned an MD degree, Chiropractic degree, two nutrition board certifications, a master’s degree in nutrition and is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Certified Nutritional Specialist and is a licensed Dietician-Nutritionist…just to name a few!  He is an author, clinician and researcher – who better than Dr. Wald to write and control the content and features of such an important technology?  The answer – Dr. Wald is by far the most qualified among the creators of blood interpretation programs.   Trust Dr. Wald with what might well be your most important clinical and financial tool that you will ever purchase!  Also, download the BDPE pamphlet for more distinguishing information clearly separating Dr. Wald's program from the rest. We are so confident that our program is better than any other on the market that we will deduct the cost of the software that you may have purchased previously (that nutritionally interprets laboratory work), and deduct it from the cost of our BDPE! 

3.  What if I don’t draw blood in my office?  Can I still use this program?   

Answer:  Yes!  As long as you can obtain laboratory work that the patient has performed elsewhere you’re in business.  Simply enter specific lab results into the system and you’re all set.  The BDPE even provides a medical release form specifically for this purpose!

 4.  What exactly does this program provide? 

Below is a table describing all of the main quality points of Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective Professional Edition software.  This program, simply put, allows for high quality patient communication through the marketing aspect of the program intimately linked with nutritional suggestions so that your practice grows and grows and grows with integrity – both clinically and financially.

5.  Do I charge patient’s separately for the consultation needed to review this report and the report separately? 

Answer:  Yes, charge for the report and for the consultation separately.  I certainly do and so do most Certified Blood Detectives.  Your time is valuable and you should charge for your consultation just a bit less than you think your time is worth – always give a little more than you take; with a Blood Detective report the value of your consultation has just skyrocketed!

Charging for your expense towards purchase of your Blood Detective program is a fair and reasonable expense; particularly if you take the ten minutes of your expertise to read through your patient reports prior to the patient review consultation.

6.  How long does it take to produce a report? 

Answer:  Minutes!  Once your patients lab values are added into BD simply press PRINT and a patient report is produced.  Print to your printer or better yet print as a PDF report and email it directly to your patient (both the MAC and PC provide a very simple PDF print option).

7.   How long (how many pages) are the reports? 

Answer:  Reports may vary in length from two pages to one hundred and two pages depending on how many REPORT OPTIONS you would like each report to contain.  OPTIONS refer to the different descriptions such as the meaning of a test, the Nutritional Supplement Suggestions, Body Systems, etc. More options, the larger the report.  I would suggest producing the largest report possible for patients to increase educational materials and compliance.

8.  What is the best way to review reports with patients? 

Answer: Given the depth of information contained in each individualized patient report, it is recommended that you schedule the patient over at least three, if not as many as six, consultations to review a report.  Each consultation will focus on a different aspect of the report.  During one consultation, for example, you might review only the ; Laboratory Comparison’s Report; during a separate consultation you can review the Ten Day Food Plan only; during another consultation you can discuss the intricacies of the individual abnormal test results; etc. Please consult this website for a video of Dr. Wald explaining patient reports over several consultations.  Keep in mind that each patient report is actually several sub-reports.

9.  How much can I charge a patient for a report? 

Answer: Blood Detective’s charge at a low of about $65.00 per patient report all the way up to $130.00 per. A report charge applies each time laboratory work is nutritionally interpreted (i.e., every three or four months).

10.  Is there insurance reimbursement for the computer generated report? 

Answer: There might be.  Under the “Getting Started” button located on the Home Page of the professional edition is an ICD9 code for a computer generated report.  However, you should warn the patient that they should not expect reimbursement although they might receive it.  Blood Detective also provides a medical necessity form that will enhance the chances of reimbursement for your patients; this medical necessity report should be personalized for the patient and sent to the insurance company on the patient’s behalf only once the insurance company has requested a medical necessity explanation.

12.  Do I own the Blood Detective Professional Edition program outright? 

Answer: Yes.  There is no charge for upgrades for a period of two years once you purchase the program; there are no hidden fees of any kind.  Once you purchase the program it is yours for life.  As you can see, the financial potential of owning this program makes it one of the most valuable pieces of medical and nutritional technology you could ever own!

13.  What about updates?  How much and how often do they arrive? 

Answer: Updates are free for a period of two years.  Thereafter, updates may cost a maximum of $150.00.  Updates are created on average once per year, sometimes more often.  Your system would be updated through a link e-mailed to you; you simply go to the link, press Download and then press Update and in a few minutes you’re fully updated.

14.  How much is the program? 

Answer: At the time this Q & A was written the program is $4,900.00.  This can be paid outright or it can be paid off with down payments scheduled over months.  Please contact Blood Detective directly for more details.

15.  Is there a monthly fee for using BDPE? 

Answer: No.  You own the program outright and there are no hidden fees whatsoever regardless of the number of reports you generate for patients

16.  Is there tech support available? 

Answer: Yes.  Tech support is available primarily through e-mail and by phone if necessary and is absolutely free.  A complete User’s Guide is downloaded automatically when you purchase the program and a quick summary user’s guide is found on the main screen of the professional edition so that you may get “up and running” without delay.  It takes approximately 25 to 45 minutes to be fully familiar with our program well enough to run reports and communicate with patients.

17.  How do I motivate my patients to agree to a nutritional interpretation of their laboratory work? 

Answer: This part is easy! Your patients already believe in laboratory work having had performed it dozens of times throughout their lives through their primary physicians and other doctors.

Linking nutrition to laboratory testing, which your patients already accept as scientifically valid, lends support to the validity of their nutritionally interpreted blood work.

After all, their regular doctors do not provide nutritional interpretation and your patients are frustrated and want this service and its benefits. As you already know, your patients test results often fail to find “hidden problems” that are easily found through the “functional laboratory ranges” of the BDPE.

18. On the Home Screen of Blood Detective is an essay entitled Why I Need a Nutritional Interpretation of Laboratory Work; this one page essay is meant to explain the logic behind performing a nutritional interpretive report. 

Answer:  Once you own the BDPE you will receive invaluable specifics directly from Dr. Wald regarding how to maximize the use of your program for both clinical and financial success.

19.  How can I use my Blood Detective status and technology to grow my clinical nutrition practice? 

Answer: Becoming a certified Blood Detective places you in the unique position in the public eye as a nutritional expert.  Most people quickly understand the need for tailoring their nutritional therapies; and once they recognize that as a Blood Detective you provide that sort of technology your practice will simply grow by word of mouth.  Your business card, brochure and various advertisements should have the words Blood Detective and a short statement, perhaps a sentence or two, regarding your unique technology for individually determining dietary and nutritional supplement suggestions.  Just look at what Dr. Wald has done on this website and also his office website at

In summary, Dr. Wald has a local newspaper column entitled Ask The Blood Detective, has spoken on the television news regarding nutritional individuality, and “tags” his Blood Detective title on almost every thing that he and his office produces.  Patients will often visit Dr. Wald simply saying, “I’m here to see the Blood Detective”.  Dr. Wald has taken on this title as a “badge of honor” so to speak attempting to live up to its promise of finding healing solutions naturally with patients.