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Blood Logic, Inc. is a nutritional supplement, education, health software and professional consulting company providing services to the general public and to health professionals. Dr. Michael Wald was nicknamed the Blood Detective by a grateful patient when he uncovered the cause of her persistent health problems when many other health care providers had failed. Dr. Wald's motto, branding and exceptional clinical skills have propelled him into the media spotlight appearing on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Fox National News, Channel 11 PIX and many other programs.

D-TOX Package

D-tox nutritional supplements

d-tox family of products
  D-TOX Phase I - $44.95
  D-TOX Phase II - $44.95
  D-TOX Phase III - $44.95
  D-TOX Phase IV - $44.95
  D-TOX Restore - $70.75
  D-TOX Phase V - $70.75
  D-TOX Histaminex - $21.95
  D-TOX Absorb - $28.95
  D-TOX Inflamx - $29.95
  D-TOX Eliminate - $28.95

This DTOX manual is meant to be followed and adjusted for each of Dr. Wald's patient's individually. It should not be printed or implemented without direct professional supervision and is meant for patients of Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco only. This manual is for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for sound medical or health advice. Statements may be contained within the manual that are not approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).